SIP Telephone Systems Birmingham

SIP Telephone Systems Birmingham

At Midland Networks, we offer a wide range of business telephone systems. As well as traditional phone systems, we also offer the latest SIP telephone systems in Birmingham and right across the country. Many businesses have already switched to SIP/VoIP and are enjoying the many benefits these systems offer.

SIP/VoIP technology is the modern alternative to conventional business telephone lines and phone systems. With SIP, voice calls are made over the internet instead of the traditional phone lines that charge per minute for calls. This means that you can enjoy greatly reduced call costs when you make the switch to SIP. This is particularly good news for businesses that make a large number of outgoing calls as it could as up to a substantial saving on your phone bills. Even long distance calls are much cheaper with SIP, so this technology is definitely worth considering if your business operates internationally.

With SIP phone systems, you can enjoy the flexibility to make and receive calls wherever you are and from any device, including desk phones, computers, laptops and mobile phones. This means that your staff can work efficiently and productively from virtually any location.

SIP phone systems are typically much cheaper and quicker to install, compared to conventional phone systems. Ongoing maintenance costs also tend to be much lower, so these systems can save you money over the long term too.

By switching to SIP, you can take advantage of a multitude of advanced features. Whereas these would cost you extra with a traditional phone system, you can enjoy them at no extra cost when you switch to VoIP.

With SIP, you can either house all of the equipment yourself on site or, alternatively, you can opt for a hosted system. Hosted systems include all ongoing maintenance and support and offer great value for money with a service that frees you up to run your operations more efficiently.

If you’re looking for SIP telephone systems Birmingham, you will find extremely competitive prices and a reliable service at Midland Networks. Call us today on 0800 849 8585 for more information.

Want to know more? Watch our video on business telephone systems here.


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