Call Recording

Call Recording

Modern telephone systems can enable call recording of all inbound and outbound calls for play-back at a later date. This is an extremely useful feature for all kinds of businesses to ensure a reliable call recording system in place. The benefits of call recording technology include:

  • Improve staff training–recorded calls can be used in staff training to outline positive and negative call handling methods. This is a great educational tool for new and existing staff, to help them improve their performance.
  • Monitor customer service performance–management can select a random sample of recorded calls for quality control purposes. This allows for feedback to be given to agents, pinpointing strengths and weaknesses. If your staff know that call monitoring is in place, they are likely to be conscious of delivering a positive performance.
  • Evidence–this can be used in the resolution of disputes, to reduce liability, as well as confirming certain facts (addresses, dates, order information etc).
  • Meet compliance obligations–an increasing number of sectors are constantly being monitored and regulated by independent and government entities. If you are in the financial sector, for example, you are likely to be required to record all verbal communications. Call recording can aid compliance with regulatory groups, in order to avoid fines and prosecution.
  • Reduce the need to have everything in writing – reduces the time spent documenting everything.
  • Business security–with call recording in place, you can detect security problems before they escalate. You can monitor conversations amongst employees to reduce the risk of private and restricted information being transferred.

Previously, the cost of call recording technology put it out of the reach of many businesses. With technological advancements, this is now changing. There are a wide variety of options to suit all budgets, ranging from voice recording to voice, data and analytics recording.

At Midland Telecom Networks Ltd, we are a trusted provider of business communications services, with over a decade’s experience in the industry. We can offer business packages to suit all businesses, at highly competitive prices. Contact us today to find out more about how call recording technology can benefit your business.

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